(00:00:14) the Big Orchestra

(00:00:16) (playing fanfare)

(00:00:21) What Can you Do

(00:00:26) it's the Fly No

(00:00:35) it's the Run No

(00:00:41) it's the Play Yes

(00:00:46) Playing the Trumpet

(00:00:55) Play with Me

(00:01:09) (playing trumpet fanfare)

(00:01:14) Play the Instrument Quiz

(00:01:27) it's the Accordion

(00:01:34) (Accordion playing)

(00:01:38) Wrong

(00:01:39) (Playing the Orchestra Loudly)

(00:01:46) Watermelon is Good

(00:01:53) (Watermelon Eating) (Baby Crying) I What the Watermelon

(00:02:08) Ipod Steps Step 1 : Hold the Instruments

(00:02:14) Step 2 : Playing Music

(00:02:18) Step 3 : Hold to Conductor

(00:02:24) Three Steps Three Steps

(00:02:28) Ethan going to the Concert

(00:02:32) Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls!

(00:02:38) the Orchestra Playing

(00:02:42) (Orchestra playing Loudly)

(00:02:55) The End!

(00:03:01) Ipod Games Ipod Games

(00:03:10) Play the What's Remember

(00:03:18) Listen to Clues

(00:03:23) A Ethan is a Trumpet, Clock, and the Chicken

(00:03:31) Which One

(00:03:34) That One

(00:03:41) Ethan playing a Trumpet

(00:03:45) (Cheering)

(00:03:47) Play the What's That Sound

(00:03:51) Listen All These Three Sounds

(00:04:00) Let's Listen

(00:04:05) (meowing)

(00:04:07) What Sound the Orchestra Makes?

(00:04:12) Sorry! (meowing) That's the Cat

(00:04:19) Give you the Try!

(00:04:23) (bleating)

(00:04:26) What Sound the Orchestra Makes?

(00:04:31) Sorry! (bleating) That's the Sheep

(00:04:36) Try this One

(00:04:39) (playing orchestra loudly)

(00:04:45) What Sound the Orchestra Makes?

(00:04:53) Yeah! it's the Orchestra Now (playing orchestra loudly)

(00:05:02) (cheering)

(00:05:06) Bye Bye!

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