Ethereal Paths

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Ethereal Paths

The World

The City

Big enough to encompass the game. Maybe use procgen to fill in non-plot-relevant areas?

At the confluence of two large rivers?

The Empire

A cosmopolitan blend of various peoples, and/or sentient species.


  • nobility
  • major merchant organisation
  • guilds(smiths, mages…)
  • city guard
  • underclasses

The Plot


Several types:

  • Elementalism. Quick, flashy, but not subtle or deep. [BlackMagicianGirl]. Based on will/emotion.
  • Contacting & Contracting. Path/book-y, subtle and deep, sibling to hedge magic. Includes a gothy type. Based on charisma.
  • Healing. Includes buffs. Maybe best to keep on your side, but not join. [WhiteMagicianGirl]. Based on what?
  • Enchantment. Slow, requires plans and they can be revealed, but powerful. Based on intelligence or whatever those crafts are based on.
  •  ???

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