aka Greets-with-horns

Eye of the Storm

"Ethian is a big, slender tall Elf. he is covered in dirt and claims to be a sheperd." - From Captain Chase Neverland's official report on the "gate murder"

"Greets-with-horns lives on path of blood. Great warrior. Find in Greets-with-horns good brother, good protector. Need-need Greets-with-horns on journey. Quiet but smart-smart. Knows inside of people. Lives with one foot in man-world, one foot in spirit world. Tomorrow fear Greets-with-horns, fear axe. Uses spirit of anger, powerful spirit. Nakhara place trust-faith in Greets-with-horns' great spirit- unstoppable." -Nakhara

Well I don’t know much about him at the moment. He doesn’t talk to me much, all I know is he quite tall, kind of quiet, and he is a sheperd. How he got so good with an axe being a sheperd I hope to find out, but he is definetly very skillful with it, and he has quite a passion for battle. I’m hoping I can get to know him better as we continue our journey, we probably could work very well together in battle if we knew how each other thought. -Ellenore

"Ethian... I don't get him. We're a few days into it, and I don't know why he's here. I'm not sure HE knows why he's here. I can't say I 'm not glad, though... boy can he fight. If it weren't for him we'd surely all be dead by now. He could use a little personality, but I can't help but feel some sort of connection. We come from the same place... and with everyone else in this group, I'm sort of glad he doesn't ask questions" - Elysia

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