(Born from the joining of ethics and wiki)
The purpose of this wiki is to establish an order of conduct for humankind, separated from religion or spirituality. So far I've typed up a rough draft of ten guidelines in loose order of importance.

About Ethiki

Ethiki Axioms

Maximize Your Happiness
But Do Not Prey On Others

Cultivate A Strong Sense Of Self
Know Your Strengths And Your Weaknesses

Never Stop Learning
Practice Often

Make Today Better Than Yesterday
Learn From The Past – Anticipate The Future

Think Before You Decide
Avoid Hypocrisy

Embrace Right and Reject Wrong
Seek To Understand Right And Wrong

Help Wherever You Can
But Only If It Is Reasonable To Do So

Teach What You Know
But Do Not Preach

Be Compassionate
But Attempt Objectivity

Share Your Treasures
But Avoid Destitution

To Do

  • revise axioms for power, simplicity, fundamentality and scope.
  • make sub-pages for each axiom including logical argument for adherence and illustrating story.
  • write an 'about Ethiki' intro.
  • include a recommended readings and links section.
  • make logo for Ethiki.
  • set up sections that need to be written.

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