The Eudemon System

When starting up, characters begin with two "Eudemons". A Eudemon is a pet that can be trained, taught and evolved into higher forms; a concept similar to Pokémon. Just as the player gains experience points to increase character levels, so do the Eudemons. They are at their lowest form and begin at level 1 when the player begins his/her journey for the first time.

Players can obtain new pets to help them fight with by either buying them from the Shopping Mall or finding their eggs after killing monsters. 12 Eudemons can be carried in the party list at any time. There are Eudemon warehouses situated in the first 3 cities and Market where up to 10 Eudemons can be stored in each one. Also, players can carry 6 unhatched eggs at any time. There are also special Eudemons that can only be obtained at certain events or have to be bought from other players.


At level 20 a Eudemon is able to evolve to a higher form and, depending on what type it is, can change its appearance. First evolution is important as it verifies the pets attributes, quality and initial statistics. Pets can also be used as minors in main attribute composition.

At level 40 a Eudemon can evolve again into its highest form by being placed in the evolution oven inside the in-game Market. Once again, its appearance may change depending on the Eudemon's type. This evolution is also important as the eudemons may obtain a special gift or even turn into a thunder race Eudemon (the rarest race). They also receive a unique ID.


There are several types of composing: Main Composing, Initial Attribute Composing, Sub-Attribute Composing, Luck Compose/Improve, and ID Compose. The eudemons being composed must be of the same type, excepting two cases: All eudemons may be major composed or luck composed with UniversalO or UniversalXO eudemons, and SuperEudemons may further be used with Universal eudemons in initial and sub attribute composings. In all composes, when completed the major eudemon will return to level 1, but will go back to its original level when it reaches a certain level. The level requirement to "jump back" to its original level depends on the quality of the eudemon. From 1-9 star quality it will go back at level 50, and from 10+ star quality it will require level 70.

Major composing can be done when a Eudemon is level 50. Major composing essentially fuses two Eudemon together to strengthen one. The major eudemon stays, while the minor eudemon's attributes enhance the major's, but the minor Eudemon is lost in this process. Composing improves the quality of the major Eudemon. How much the quality improves (the dicing) is random, unless a eudemon clover is used. Clovers give the maximum "dicing" roll, which will give it the most number of points for its quality.

Initial attribute, or simply initial composing, may be done when the major eudemon reaches level 70, and the minor level 40. This can only be done if the minor eudemon has at least one initial attribute better that is higher than the major eudemon's. When composed, the major eudemon will gain a 75% of the difference, and its quality will increase.

Sub-Atrribute (Sub) Composing is quite similar to initial composing, as it can only be done also when the major eudemon has reached level 70 and the minor level 40 and there is a set gain of points (unlike the dicing of major composing). However, the largest, and virtually only difference is that unlike initial statistics, which all eudemons have, what attribute qualifies as a sub attribute differ from eudemon to eudemon.

Luck Compose/Improve are the two ways of improving the luck on your eudemon. The luck statistic itself is useless at this time except for improving the star quality of the eudemon. In this composing, the major eudemon must be level 70, and the minor level 40. This composing type can never fail. Luck improve is not done with a eudemon, but it requires a violet stone (which is a type of semi-rare stone that may be bought or found) and then a supervioletstone when its luck is over 100. Luck improve requires a eudemon be level 70, and must already have a luck of 70. This composing may fail, and if so, the eudemon will not be reborn, and the violetstone or supervioletstone will be lost. The formula for working out the StarMarks gained when increasing luck is; (Luckgained*2) + 1

ID Composing can only be done with two eudemons that have already been given a unique ID by being evolved for the second time in the evolution oven. ID Composing requires not only two eudemons, but also a redstone (the rarest of the stones). This composing also cannot fail.

You have to get a eudemon level 50 depending on your level. You also want to compose with 1*'s and up. Good Luck !

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