Prototype 1: 11th December 2006

The first prototype was versioned off on 11th December 2006.

Features Included

  • Can draw ellipses and figure 8 shapes onto a canvas.
  • Can add labels to the canvas.
  • Can move shapes and labels.
  • Can fill the intersections of shapes.
  • Can delete unwanted items.
  • Has option to snap to grid whilst drawing/moving.

Improvements Needed To Included Features

  • Snap to grid option possibly removed, or at least off by default as mentioned by Chris Roast.
  • Filling of intersections needs more work.
  • Ability to also resize shapes/labels as well as move them.


See EulerTool:Usage


A zip file containing the executables needed for prototype 1 can be found here: Download Prototype 1 (21KB)

The .NET 2.0 framework is required to run the executable, available here.

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