Euphoria is a happiness-inducing Chä in the Emotion Zodiac.

To become a Euphoria Chä you must be in the Black, Yellow, Grey alignment and in the Emotional, Healing, Hero or Corrupt classification.


Here's a breif description of Euphoria Chä powers.


  • Euphoric Delirium: Causes enemies in the area to become deliriously happy. This leads to them becoming sloppy in their attacks, and overly confident. After the power is deactivated however, the victims expirence an extreme bout of depression.


  • Blissful Ignorance: The Victim becomes open to any suggestions that the Chäotic may put forth. They enter an almost hypnotic state, and as long as the request isn't completely ridiculous, they will follow through with it. Ex: You can't tell them to rob a bank but you can tell them to give you the security passwords.
  • Pursuit of Happiness: The victim becomes obssessive about achieving their goals. When combined with Blissful Ignorance, the Chäotic can control the Victims wants and make sure they do whatever it takes to acheive their goals.
  • Euphoria: Induces uimaginable happiness on the Victim. This causes enemies to feel as if they have already acomplished the task they had set out to do, and often they will stop fighting and go home.


  • Helping Hand: Gives any allies in the area a "mental hug" and boosts their agility and strenght slightly. While this power is in effect, all allies feel very happy.

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