The Eurasian Dominate is one of two nations, along with the Pan-American Collective, that dominate the planet Earth in the universe of Alternate Earth and the Local Solar System. It evolved from an old Earth nation, Russia, that existed thousands of years ago. It recognizes the Orthodox Church of the Divine Truth as it's state faith, though it nominally permits freedom of belief. The Dominate is governed by a parliament composed of a supposedly democratically elected Duma and a Supreme Council elected by the Duma. The ruling party is the Patriotic Party, and the Eurasian Democratic Party and the socialist Labor Party are recognized as officially sanctioned opposition groups, though the Patriotic Party always seems to win elections to the Duma, and consequently always controls the Duma-selected Supreme Council. The Supreme Council has greater powers than does the Duma. The Dominate sometimes has military conflicts with the Pan-American Collective, but the influence of the Orthodox Church keeps these shooting wars to a minimum. Generally, the hostility between Dominate and Collective is a relatively peaceful Cold War.

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