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European Expansion

European Expansion is a RPG based on a Forum. Created by Juergen Schooner in the Summer of 05, it was a instant hit. The Game Original was made to play in the heartland of Europe, extending to the Urals, and down to North Africa. After a couple more rounds the created decided to add in Africa, this was much anticipated amongst the members, it made the game interesting, and brought in a new theater of combat.

A couple months ago the founder was doing more and more work, adding the rest of the World to the Game, making the playable Nations:

The Austro-Hungarian Empire The British Empire The French Republic The German Empire The Italian Kingdom The Japanese Empire The Ottoman Empire The Russian Empire The United States of America

The Time line for the Game in January 1st 1910. The Game lasts from anywhere between 2 to 4 Months.

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