Eustace Throws a Tantrum is a fan-fiction episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog with crossover characters from Grim & Evil.


  • Narrator: One day, when Eustace, Courage and Muriel are at the video store. When Eustace sees the release of the Terminator from 1984, it happened.
  • Eustace: Can i have that VHS, please?
  • Courage: No, Eustace. and It costs money.
  • Muriel: You have many VHS's at home
  • Eustace: Waaaaah i Want a VHS NOW NOW NOW
  • Muriel And Courage: you're so Old Bagge
  • Narrator: Next Day Eustace Muriel and Courage go to Toy Store to buy The Thomas Trains
  • Eustace Why so old
  • Harold Sorry Just have a Kids now
  • Eustace Stupid Harold
  • Narrator Next Day Agains Eustace Courage And Muriel Go to in Comic Store to Sees release of Sailor Moon And Ginga Nagareboshi Gin Comic chapter 1
  • Gladys You're So old Eustace. Billy Sorry Grandpa
  • Eustace Don't Call me Grandpa You Stupid Dog You Stupid is a Son Of Bitch Let's go Home
  • Narrator and so Eustace Bagge so old and buy a VHS Toy And a Comic Don't You
  • The End

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