Eva Pezrokov (born 23 BCA) is the reincarnation of the Keeper of Red Mana and Arrathir Quinn's mate. She is known for her short temper and her violent rage.

Eva Pezrokov

Character Outline

If one were to look up the definition of "Pure feminine rage" in the dictionary, Eva's picture would appear there. Due to her shi nature, she is very emotional and has a very short temper. However, Eva can also be very kind and helpful to others.

Eva has a love/hate relationship with her mate, Arrathir Quinn. She tends to hurt him a lot in fits of rage, but Arrathir views this more as a sign of affection; Eva just likes it because she can kick his ass, displaying her dominance in their relationship.

Eva also has a very high libido. This is a constant source of pleasure and frustration for Arrathir, especially when Eva goes into heat. During this period of the month, Arrathir tends to avoid her, due to her increased sex drive and aggressiveness.

Demonic Side

Eva is a kitsune hanyō. She possesses the ears and tail of a fox, as well as the shape shifting capabilities.


Early Years

Of Russian heritage, Eva's parents moved to the United States shortly after her birth. Her father was active in the Pro Circuit for a few years, never going all the way, but still making a name for himself. Eva inherited her passion for the game from him and began playing actively around the age of 15. However, her impatience often cost her victory and she never became as successful as her father.

The Awakening

Her quiet life was shattered when she met, and was saved by Arrathir Quinn at a local Pro Tour Qualifier tournament. After learning about the Keepers of Mana and learning that Anima had killed her parents, she begged Arrathir to train her in summoning.

While in Tokyo, Eva was kidnapped by a Planeswalker named Numa and injected with a poison. Arrathir Quinn and Charles Wainscot duelled Numa for the antidote, but were unable to save Eva.

When she was brought back to life by Erik Morlock, Eva had no recollection of dying. Before Arrathir could explain, Lu Chao whisked them off to Dominaria. Upon their arrival, Eva and Arrathir were separated from Charles and Erik when a Tunneler Wurm attacked their group.

Eva and Arrathir were captured by Llanowar elves and Eva was marked and almost raped by Arrathir's demon when the elves tried to impose the penalty for trespassing upon Arrathir.

Afterwards, Eva was constantly plagued by the demon in her nightmares. She didn't blame Arrathir, even going so far as to stop his self-destructive behaviour, because she knew it wasn't his fault.

When the Keepers of Mana travelled to Shiv and Arrathir was killed, Eva persuaded Charles Wainscot to place Arrathir's body in stasis.

As the Keepers travelled the desert, searching for the Keeper of Red Mana, Eva's trust in Arrathir brought him back to life. Unfortunately, this happened at the moment Charles Wainscot kissed her.

Arrathir's demon attacked Arrathir, furious at him for trying to steal 'his' mate. In desperation, Eva began stroking the demon's ears, which had a sedative effect on the demon and caused him to fall asleep.

After Chikuro duelled Chihowaido for Charles' life and the volcano they were in went into eruption, Eva was caught by the eruption and was buried under the ash. Arrathir found her and by his love, awoke Chiruu.

She successfully defeated Arrathir's demon, forcing him to renounce his claim on her as his mate.


Eva is a pyromancer; she has an affinity for fire and can cast a wide variety of fire-based spells. Being a kitsune, she also possesses shapeshifting capabilities, which she enjoys using to play tricks on people, her main target being Arrathir.

She also possesses superior strength, speed, hearing and smell.

Her weapon is a daishō. She first acquired this weapon during her fight for independence against Arrathir's demon.


  • Eva's full name is Evangeline.
  • Her violent behaviour toward Arrathir is a parody of how anime girls tend to be abusive toward one of the male protagonists (Kagome and Sango from InuYasha, Akane from Ranma 1/2, Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist, ect...)

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