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Which search engine should I use???

Australian Search Engines For searching Australian Topics

             Anzwers [1]
             AltaVista Australia [2] (limit to Australia) 
             Yahoo Australia [3] (limit to Australia)
             Google Australia [4] (limit to Australia) 
             ninemsn Web Search [5] (limit to Australia)

Specific search Robot Operated (Most Recent – All sites that include your search terms)

             Google [6] 
             Yahoo Search [8] 
             Mooter [9] 
             MSN Search [10] 

General Searches Directories (Human Selected – More Academic)

             Yahoo [11]
             BUBL Link [12] 
             RDN: Resource Discovery Network [13] (Intute)
             Librarians' Index to the Internet [14] 

Quick Searches Meta searches (Engines that search many search engines and subject directories at the same time)

             Ixquick [15]
             Kartoo [17] (uses visual mapping) 
             Dogpile [18]

Information taken from the Curtin University of Technology [19]

Where We Have Come From -- Aboriginal – History, Art and Geography

--AV 03:31, 22 October 2007 (UTC)By Alyssa Veltkamp

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