Even MORE 25 Favorite CartoonTunes is a sequel to 25 Favorite Very CartoonTunes Volumes 1 and 2


  1. CartoonTales Theme Song
  2. You Were in His Hand
  3. Some Cartoons Went to Sea
  4. The Bunny Song Reprise
  5. Stand Reprise
  6. Oh Santa
  7. Sheen Theme Song
  8. The Lord Has Given
  9. Promised Land Reprise
  10. Bumblyburg Groove Remix
  11. Superhero Slimdown
  12. Sheen's High Silk Hat
  13. Do the Moo Shoo
  14. Silly Song Remix Medley
  15. Bellybutton
  16. Oh Sheen III (Instrumental)
  17. Another Easter Day
  18. 113 Years Ago
  19. You Didn't Listen Gru
  20. Boids
  21. The Factory (Score)
  22. Another Easter Day Reprise
  23. I Want to Dance
  24. I Want to Dance (Disco Version)
  25. What We Have Learned

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