Even More 25 Favorite Very VeggieTunes is a sequel to 25 Favorite Very VeggieTunes Volumes 1 and 2
Even More 25 Favorite Very VeggieTunes

Even More 25 Favorite Very Veggie Tunes CD


  1. Another Easter Day
  2. 113 Years Ago
  3. You Didn't Listen Ebenezer
  4. Boids
  5. Hope's Song
  6. SUV
  7. I Want to Dance
  8. I Want to Dance (Disco Version)
  9. The Envy Song/The Wonderful Time of the Year
  10. How I Love Doing the (Holiday) Shopping
  11. This is Rather Eerie Than I Think It Turns Out to Be
  12. What Would Philip Fleagle Think?
  13. The Worst Day of My Life
  14. I Just Want to Die
  15. I Wish I Was the Best
  16. Mr. Dooley Revealed!
  17. A Mess Down in Egypt
  18. God Did
  19. Oh Lone Stranger
  20. I Won't Go to Beans
  21. The Pirate Prelude
  22. What's Up with Strawberry?
  23. Viking Medley
  24. Larry's High Silk Hat
  25. What We Have Learned

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