About the content possibilities for the FIC Art of Community Event. As these topics are nailed down, with presenters, titles, descriptons and times, they will need to be placed on the Art of Community Event Schedule, and probably elsewhere. This, of course, will also be crossed with spaces within the actual facility (see Art of Community Event Site for more info).

Content Ideas from misc. conversations & CMag Ad copy

  • Ceremonial Opening - including calling of directions
  • Ceremonial Closing
  • Exhibition space
    • Community tables
    • Community/Sustainability booths
  • Art of Community Store
    • Community Bookshelf
    • Consignment sales from exhibitors
  • Auction - Harvey Baker offered to play a key role for this
    • Donations from various related sources, communities, sustainability businesses, etc.
  • Meet NW Intentional Communities (existing and forming); Ecovillages, Cohousing, Egalitarian, Cooperatives, and more
  • Building Community Where You Are; In your neighborhood, workplace, church, grow your network
  • Tools You Can Use
    • Facilitation
    • Consensus
    • Ecological Assessments
  • Create More Sustainable Lifestyles for individuals and communities
    • Alternative Energy
    • Conservation
    • Bio-diesel
    • Local Agriculture
    • Being an Ethical Consumer
  • Video Room - showings of relevant community/sustainability videos

Notes on Specific Content-related Conversations

Craig Ragland spoke with Eric Best, who has been working on community building as the founder of Mariposa Group for many years. Eric has offered many community building workshops in a program entitled "Gateway to Community." He is interested in the possibility of presenting at the NW event. An idea we talked about was him independently arranging to do his full workshop in the Seattle area the weekend after the event. I spoke with him before Ma'ikwe stepped forward to speak for the West.

Craig Ragland spoke with Diane Braase of [Lost Valley Community]. They are interested in participating, especially in sharing the programs which they offer to the general public. These include the Heart of Now program, which Craig and a number of other FIC folks have taken, their Permaculture and Ecovillage classes and internships, and their Community Experience weeks.

Craig Ragland spoke with Tree Bressen of Walnut Street Coop. She is interested in participating on the Extended Team and sharing in the context of event programming although she still needs to be sold, I think, on whether to include the event in her schedule.

Craig Ragland spoke with Parke of Emma Goldman community and he is interested in participating. Since Emma is the sole member of the Federation of Egalitarian communities, including them in the programming would seem appropriate.

Syd Fredrickson has MANY connections with potential speakers in the NW. Some developed through her leadership in the Co-Opportunities NW; A Sustainable Communities Conference that she helped produce in 2001.

Fred Lanphear has MANY connections with potential speakers in the NW... more notes to follow

B. probably has connections with potential speakers in the NW... more notes to follow

From Diana Leafe Christian


From I just read the oversight minutes and learned that FIC is doing an Art of Community gathering Sept. 8-10 in Seattle. Is that date and place affiliated with an FIC board meeting, and if so, had you wanted me to offer a workshop?

I ask because of what else I'm doing on that weekend in September, which I may be able to move (but I'm not sure), and the fact that FIC pays for travel expenses for me for only one board meeting a year, and I'd so far planned to go to the spring one.

I realize you may be in the early planning stages of the AofC and not thinking about workshop presenters yet. But if you had thought you'd like to utilize me as one, we should talk about it as soon as you can. Thanks.


From Craig Ragland

1/20 Hi Diana, my belief is that you, personally, are one of the most valuable resources which FIC has available and certainly are the biggest single audience draw... I would GREATLY value your involvement in the event - in a variety of ways... including a possible workshop, but there are other possibilities and I'd like us to be creative about how to best "exploit" you, your excellent (and widely read) IC book, Communities magazine, and possible ways to connection with people online in conjunction with the event, etc.

I'm CCing Ma'ikwe on this, who has stepped forward with an interest in coordinating the content programming for the event. I'm also CCing the other members of the event Core Leadership Team, Fred Lanphear of Songaia, B. of Bob the House, and Syd Fredrickson of Meridian House to help keep everyone involved in the loop.

The event is currently scheduled for September 8-10 (you quoted 18-10) and will follow the Fall Org meetings which we hope will be at Songaia Cohousing Community immediately before the event, Sept. 5-7. That being said, we do not yet have a venue, so its possible that these dates may shift - although we really hope to stick with those dates as moving it may preclude Laird's involvement.

If FIC is unable to pay expenses for your trip, it may be possible for the AoC event to cover your expenses. We are looking at the possibility of a fairly large budget (TBD, but certainly a larger budget than any FIC-related event since the 1993 Olympia event). We expect to take on some major expenses, but not until we've raised independent (non-FIC) funding, primarily through the sponsorships of NW organizations.

FYI: the event's Core Leadership Team includes some people with very strong connections to many different types of appropriate organizations, including some which are very well funded - we hope to involve them, but that remains to be seen. It also includes some people who have personally made major financial contributions to multiple communities and community organizations.

As you know, I've jumped into the FIC with a lot of energy, what you may not know is that I have been instrumental in raising significant funds for NICA (Northwest Intentional Communities Association), which as a result now has a cash war chest of about $25K, with only $10K committed to planned projects (including $5K for this event).

Anyway, I cannot invite you to offer a workshop without decisional involvement of other members of the Core Leadership Team. We are using consensus and have not yet delegated any significant decision areas... although, as roles are defined, Ma'ikwe will probably have a lot of personal authority on questions like that.

From Diana:

1/21 Thanks very much for your swift response. (I meant to write Sept. 8-10 as the dates, but mistyped.)

I appreciate your giving me information about this event, and I appreciate your thinking my presence there could be a draw to participants.

FIC only requires me to go to one board meeting a year, and pays my travel. I was planning to go to the April one because there's a Cmag meeting scheduled for it, and it will have been a year since I attended the last one. But since the AofC would follow the fall FIC bd mtg, I could maybe switch. Anyway, my travel expenses for AofC participation would be covered by the FIC.

My dilemma is that I've just arranged to do my Starting a Successful Ecovillage workshop here at Earthaven on Sep. 8-10. For various reasons, including the availability of Earthaven people who would do food prep or teach certain sections of the workshop, and the bimonthly dates of Earthaven's Council meeting (which is part of the workshop), Sept 8-10 is ideal. It's not in any advertisements or calendars yet, so it's possible I could change it to October 6-8, which requires my checking in with various Earthaven people really soon! Seems like this is a dilemma for us both, since the venue isn't nailed down, and hence the dates may not be determined until that's done.

Lastly, I owe it to the FIC to participate in an AofC conference if its organizers want me to and if there's any way I can. My potential to draw people to a community event and hence generate more revenue for the FIC is one way I can help the organization in return. I couldn't have written this book if I hadn't worked for Cmag all these years, and if the FIC board hadn't generously given me permission to excerpt from it abundantly.

So I'll do all I can on my end to hold open October 6-8 as a standby date for my Earthaven workshop. (I can't do my workshop at Earthaven the weekend of Oct. 20-22, because paradoxically, I'll be at Lost Valley then, at least through the 21st. If it turns out that for some reason it's beneficial to all concerned that the FIC bd mtg & AofC gets shifted to the Oct. 20-22 weekend, I could fly from Eugene to Seattle on the evening of the 21st and be a presenter at the AofC on Sunday the 22nd.)

I'm delighted to hear the news that NICA is now flush with funds and potential to do good for the communities movement in the Northwest. That's truly wonderful. I've been a fan of NICA for a long time, and and really happy that you've become involved--and with the FIC as well!


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