This is the project schedule for the FIC Art of Community Event. It is based, in part, on information from the Twin Oaks Community Conference Schedule.


  • Jan 31 Deadline for Reserving Space for Communities magazine display advertisement


  • Begin building mailing lists
    • Print/Email for NW Commnities from NICA databases: Approx. 200 IC listings from WA, OR, BC
    • Email from Imagining Cascadia: Approx 100 individuals, representing many small groups


  • Feb 7: Deadline for receiving camera-ready art for Communities magazine display ad
  • Feb 25: NICA Annual Meeting at RoseWind Cohousing, event promotional opportunity


  • Post online listing in FIC Event Calendar
  • Get FIC Art of Community page updated with current information (probably just get Craig write access for page from Tony)


Print ad went in to CMag

Event title reviewed, changed, finalized.

Choose venue (done) - Reservation is placed; contract in negotiation.


Core team development had milestone achievements - We added Gretchen as core team member at large (for now), plus Parke came to the March 29 core team meeting, and is seeking final approval from FEC for his hours to count as labor donated (to earn FEC sponsorship), serving in the South on the Core Team.

FIC Board Meeting (Fred and Ma'ikwe attending).

Contract with Bastyr confirmed.

Tabling reservation form and Sponsorship letter completed and has begun circulating to "friendlies."

Marketing plan to be updated, with "Save the Date" going out in April. (FIC newsletter blurb, NWCommunities listserv, NICA members, plus other cooperative living and sustainability-oriented lists in the Seattle/Puget Sound area.)







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