The FIC Art of Community Event Supporters will be a collection of people and organizations who will come together in support of the event to help ensure its success.

Groups to target for this role include:

  • Intentional Communities (beyond the NW?)
    • existing - be visible within the movement
    • forming - this will be a great venue for connecting with prospective members
  • Community Groups, non-profits working to grow community
  • Individuals who wish to support community

Event Supporters Receive

  1. Individual event admission
  2. One standard Community Faire table
  3. Links from the event website
  4. Inclusion in some promotional materials
  5. Credits on onsite posters

Some Questions

Shall we structure the Supporter category in such a way that an individual who wants to attend the event, but can readily afford more than the base participant price, will consider being a Sponsor?

How do we structure the Community Faire to maximize involvement from communities with limited resources?

A proposal -- This is a framework to start with when approaching potential sponsors.

Major Sponsors: Give $1000 of monetary or in-kind support. Get logo on website and/or all marketing material and in program, plus several (5-8) admissions to conference. We can negotiate what kinds of things they want, a table, up to 1/4 page ad, banner, etc. I think a table can be included for major sponsors...unless they don't want it.

Event Supporters: Give $750 - $999 monetary or in-kind support. Get logo in smaller size or description in program. 4 admissions, an ad in program (up to 1/8 pg. given). Table/exhibit space would be paid for separately if they want that.

Cooperating organizations: Give $500 - 745 monetary or in-kind support. Get name of organization in acknowledgements, 2 admissions, an ad in program. Table/exhibit space would be paid for separately if they want that.

All of these are negotiable, can bargain/barter....get endorsements from some organizations. Labor donated can be valued at a dollar price so that we can list them as some kind of support. We want to show that we are collaborating, linked up with certain key groups. Getting any kind of exchange is better than none, so we want to be flexible.

Organizations or individuals who want to give less than $500 can be acknowledged in name only. Ads or exhibits are primarily for ICs and nonprofits that support sustainability.

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