After leaving Plymouth to escape Oasis Care and also Barry Charles the group go quickly across Plymouth. Maria Hart takes control of the car. As they come across some traffic lights and jump them a cop car is quick to turn around and starts to follow. With the fear of being nicked Maria tells Becky Miles and Emma Davison to get out of the car and they are to meet at Kingskerwell where Maria lives Emma and Becky run right towards the Train station. Maria and Scott Curtis then take off with the police car right behind them. They have one objective to lose it but are unsure how to Scott thinks this being a cruiser will have a high chance of losing the police car if taken off road. Meanwhile Emma and Becky get to the train station however as they come near they look to see Barry coming right towards them.

Emma shouts to Becky to get on the train as she does Barry starts to walk towards Emma. They start fighting and Becky and the train start to head off. Becky is unsure of what has taken place but is worried when the train takes off. Soon afterwards Scott and Maria are now on the moors still being chased by the policeman. All of a sudden the crusier starts to fail and the car is brought to a stop. Scott and Maria looks out and find its one policeman.

Together Scott and Maria head towards the police man. At the last second Maria attacks and takes him out. She then handcuffs him and they steal the police car. As they drive off they here on the scanner police car stolen and a request for the Helicopter. Quickly Scott and Maria manage to leave the moors and blow up the police car quickly they run to find cover and find a treehouse where they hide to escape the helicopter now flying above them.

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