After spending the evening in a tree house and aware that it is save. Scott and Maria plan to head back to Kingskerswell they leave and Maria smiles she speak that it is save and can feel Barry Charles is no longer around. A few hours later Scott and Maria meet up with the rest of the gang. Also Stacy Hart wants part in this now that Barry is trying to kill them all.

Becky Miles also tells the story of how Emma Davison was grabbed by Barry and how she was unable to do anything. The group breaks down sure that Emma is now dead because of all what has taken place. Becky Miles tries and cheers everyone up and tells them she would not want us like this. Scott Curtis goes mental and tells Becky its her fault why she is dead. Becky storms out and Scott runs after her. As he watches a van drives past and grabs Becky its Steven Hills and his group. Scott is joined by Keith Rainer as they look at what is going on. Soon the rest of the group all run outside but Becky is taken away. The group look at each other and Scott wants to save Becky. Maria tells them Emma didn't die for us to lose we must save her.

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