Nestled on the Northern slopes of the Star Peaks, and protected by the sheltering canopy of the High Forest, lies the new settlement of Everlaen. A small village of elves resisting retreat and dedicated to forming eight sister colonies around Faerun with the aid of a series of Gates, it has become the focus for a number of interesting individuals, events and political manouverings.

While largely unaware of it`s place within the forest`s community, Everlaen is beginning to learn more about it`s neighbours. Gnomes and korred, druids and drow, orcs and beastmen, lost temples and ruined cities are all becoming issues which they must deal with.

Further, new locations, new horizons and new opportunities for adventure and excitement open up beyond the Gates. Each set in a different part of Faerun, they form a circle and one which Everlaen must master if it is to fulfil it`s true potential. Cormanthor, Mulharond, Amtar, Chondalwood, the Giants Plain, Tuern, Chult and the Underdark must all be tamed and dealt with before the elves will ever really be safe in their community.

So begins our current story...

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