5'2", wethered yet young face. Brown hair (though currently bald) with eyes so dark you can't tell the difference between pupil and iris. Wears a lot of dark green and shimmering grey. Has a small eagle tatoo on his left arm.

That is what the description I first submitted five (or more...) years ago said. I'm sure you're more familiar with a good natured odd-ball with a passion for composition. To say something of me, Andril's player; hi, I'm Jon and i first started rp-ing when Ben turned up at "Club" or Kinights of the Church Crypt as we have named it in its new incarnation. I was there to play Magic the Gathering and cartainly didn't expect to role any dice for kicks. Anyway, I did. And because of it I have made several excellent friends, some who are on Everlaen some who are not (and some who were, lazy fools).

I hope to keep track of all Andril's new songs and mandolin pieces on this wiki, and perhaps go into more detail on his past to add flavour and justify any stupid actions. Please feel free to add your own notes or impressions here too.

Please also note that i have Cup and any notices for him or priase or what have you should also be posted here.

Selected Sonnets

These are barely poems, and no where near sonnet-like but i couldn't resist the title. Here are some of the rhymes and ditties Andril has composed for accompaniment on the Mandolin.

The Concerns of a Scoundrel

I'm climbing the wall to the shelter,

clumsy and weary and aching all over.

The washer-woman threw pearls at my ankles-

I had to stop, and ask what she meant.

Everyone knows, I've been a rogue!

I haven't succeeded, i've nothing to show

for the actions that earnt me the emnity

of all the good citizens except maybe you

So i'll hide in my haven for now,

and hope that my troubles blow over


(Hmm, la la la Hmm, la la la, Hmm, la la la, Hmm, la la la)



Aoife: "He was a gentleman, that one. You don't bump into his kind often. Maybe our paths will cross once more, but what with him being the wanderin' sort, chance'll be a fine thing if we ever meet again."

Kip Planeswalker: Didn't get much of a read on this fellow, 'cept the other tall folk looked to him as some sort of leader. Seemed an emotional chap.

Deityr: You couldn’t ask for a better travelling companion to lift your spirits with song or story. While his humour is nothing but droll, his general manner seems to be polite albeit strange. I would much rather be stuck in a rut with this elf, than some of my past travelling companions.

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