The basic concept for the character was a magic-user with such abounding confidence in their arcane abilities that they disdained physical possessions, and over-relied upon their magic as the principle way of resolving any situation.

This concept appeared to favour either a druid or a sorceror. I chose the druid, and broadened the concept to a character who relies entirely upon the bounty of her nature god. They employ only his prayers, and the bounty of the forest in their daily life.

In keeping with the theme of Everlaen, I chose a Wood Elven Druid, who worshipped the Seldarine's nature deity, Rillifane Rallathil. I decided that the character would be female, as all my recent characters had been male, and while thinking about female characters I had encountered, settled upon a dark version of 'Alice' as a model from which to develop her.

A simply clothed, unarmed, female elf is not the most threatening of sights, and I decided to exaggerate this, and make her look as harmless as possible, as the druidic ability to shapechange effectively creates 'a wolf in sheep's clothing'. She is therefore fairly young for her race, as short as is permitted, and her only possession of note is a modest, white dress with sleeves.


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