This will be replaced by a funky timeline with links to posts, etc. For now:

Aoife was travelling (well, being chased) through the wood when she found the other beset by wild animals, and helped them slay the beasts before leaving. Later, when she approached the camp the travellers were staying at, and after many questions, went off to help them deal with a rather unpleasant woman with a penchant for awakening evil deities. After crawling through a large number of tunnels, they surfaced in an ancient city, and fought their way across it to the temple where the unpleasant woman was going about her business. After killing her, the group of travellers split, going their seperate ways, and Aoife joined a small band bound for the place she was originally bound for anyway.

For those Orcs amongst you,
here is the abridged version:

Hunted.  Fight!  Captured.  Tortured.
Caverns.  Caves.  Bridge.  Fight!  Corridor.
Hiding.  Fight!  Corridor.  City.  Big fight!
Temple.  Big Fight!  Bad Weather.  Village.

Roleplaying through the 48 hours of her life, detailed above, has taken in excess of two years, and a great many posts.


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