Free of the comforts and constraints of civilisation, barbarians survive in lands that civilised folk only dwell in when they can hide behind high walls. The cosmopolitan nature of some parts of Faerun is confusing to barbarians, but city folk are used to odd sights and usually accept barbarians without batting an eye.

Most Farunian barbarians are humans or half orcs. They come from places such as the Cold Lands, the North, the High Moors, Rashemen, abd tribes ranging across the Western Heartlands. Dwarven barbarians come from icy wastes of the north, the jungle Chult, and hidden pockets in remote mountains and hills. Elven barbarians are usually wild elves from warm southern forest, such as the Wealdath or the Chondalwood. The only known barbarian halfling tribes live deep in the Chondalwood, rarely venturing out of the forest’s green embrace.

Barbarians of other races are unusual, but not unheard of. Half elven barbarians are sometimes found among human tribes native to the North or Western Heartlands, or in the Yuirwood where humans and elves lived together in the wild for generations. Drow, moon elven, gold elven, gnome, or planetouched barbarians are generally individuals who for some reason were raised among barbaric peoples.

Game Rule Information

Alignment: Non Lawful.
Hit Die: d12.

Class Skills

Class Features

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