Where ever you are in Faerun, there will always be performers. Whilst Barbarians and Druids may feel at peace in a more natural environment, a bard is most suited to prosperous towns and cities full of people that are yet to hear thier latest material. For some adventurers the travel and warring is the essence of their lifestyle, but a bard on the road is always in between: either in search of his next inspiration or his next audience.

Perfomance of song and dance seems to trnascend most races and cultures. Whether a human minstel, elven court musician or dwarven orator of epic poetry- all fall under the bracket of bard. There are more human and elven bards on the whole because of thier more artistically creative instincts. Dwarves and gnomes are more hands-on but are by no mean unheard of whilst half-orcs rarely have the charm required to succeed in such a vocation.

[ben should add where different bards come from- i don't know that much about Faerun]

Game Rule Information

Alignment: Non Lawful.
Hit Die: d6.

Class Skills

Class Features

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