The life of an adventurer is not for all but it is very fitting for some. Bob is one of those few. He began this life style to avoid another year spent looking after the harvest with his father. He went out to rid Shadowdale of some mighty foes troubling the local livestock. He was joined by many friends who have either settled down or are no longer on Faerun, some even being transported to different planes of existence.

It is a long story as to how he got to Everlaen but his purpose was none other than a dream. He claims it was a sign from his patron deity, Erevan Ilesere, although some speculate about this (namely his father) he was certain it was a sign of future. He came through the gates from Cormanthor where gain the nick name ‘The Jester’ this was mainly for pranks with hair dye and water buckets above doors.

After some sage advice from an elder in Everlaen, Leibobathor has started to look at life in a new way, not completely of course. But he has taken Everlaen's course as his own and plans to help in which ever way he can.

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