Ideally, you are aware of the 3rd Ed D&D rules and the Forgotten Realms setting. If so, you should have a fairly clear idea of how to create a character and what is needed. If not, not a problem, read on. In fact read on anyway, there is bound to be useful information for you even you do have a good idea of how to create a character.

Firstly - personality, background and how the character can fit into the campaign are more imortant than raw stats. These will be essential in this game which will be primarily based on storytelling, player interaction, politics, intrigue and cinematic campaign building. This is about roleplaying and creating an interesting and engaging character for everyone to read about and add to the gestalt, not about who can get the most experience, treasure or kills.

Everlaen is a very elven orientated game, based as it is around an elven colony and the foundation of the other eight of it's sister settlements. Elves will feature highly and primarily as the NPCs and probably PCs. Further, Everlaen is located deep within the High Forest, nearly a ride from the forest's edge and is not anywhere near the usual civilized routes - hence is not easy for random people to drop by and fit in. However, despite this the High Forest is not a barren or unpopulated region.

Everlaen itself contains a small population of moon elves, numbering around a hundred. Players can opt to come directly from the community - in which case until recently they will have lived in Cormanthor, thousands of miles away or a short step through a Gate. Characters from Everlaen are unlikely to have much political influence immeadiately, but are well placed to advance themselves and take advantage of the planned expansions.

On the Southern side of the Star Peaks live a number of green elven tribes and two permenant settlements. These Sy'Tel'Quessir are native to the region and have only recently become aware of Everlaen's existance.

Much closer to Everlaen are small settlements of forest gnomes, korred and even a human barbarian tribe (the Treeghost Tribe). Coupled with increased Harper activity in the Woods of Turlang to the far North, druids, rangers and the usual wandering adventurers who seem to get everywhere, there are ample opportunities for non-elven characters as well.

Available classes are warrior, ranger, paladin, barbarian, rogue, bard, wizard, priest and druid.

Starting level will not be higher than 5th, or 3rd in Everlaen itself. On the other hand, lower level characters are welcome and their actual raw power should not effect the dynamic effect that they can have on the game. After all, many rulers and leaders are in fact low level, spending more time in governance and organisation than in adventuring.

Stats can be chosen or rolled yourself if you prefer, within reason - normal human average ranging from 3-18. I shall reserve the right to alter them as I see fit however. Another system is a description of what you want your character to be like and let the actual numbers be assigned by me. Stupid stats will get rejected.

Alignments are the standard ranging from Chaos to Law and Good to Evil. On the face of things all alignments are acceptable, though those who want to be evil had best be very convincing because the usual answer will just be - no. Proving yourself as valued player will allow opportunities to play NPCs and villains and give ample opportunity to annoy your fellow players without resorting to actually having an evil PC yourself.

Religion will an important part of the game. The gods DO exist, everyone is well aware of this. Most people are well aware of what happens to your soul if you refuse to worship any god at all. On the other hand, people often worship more than one god - though not if your a priest. There is no need to be fanatic, but it is essential to have a religious stance in this story, even if it is one of apathy, dislike or convenience. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the vast number of faiths in the Realms, please email me with your characters personality and any information you can think of regarding wanted faiths and I will furnish you with a variety of options and a quick explanation. Further information can be dug up on the net if you look around hard enough, though I must admit, its often incomplete.

Skills are fairly useful as well. A list of skills will tell me - and you - what you are good at and what your interests are. Skills include everything from crafts and professions to sneaking around in the dark and riding horses. If you can think of something, add it in. Preferably list skills in order of importance to you. If you are stuck for skill ideas, please ask again and maybe I can help you with some options.

Lastly, but not leastly comes the appearance and any final finishing touches like bits and bobs of equipment you may be unsure of. Mail the whole lot to me or another moderator and we will get back to you ASAP with any extra questions, advice, help or changes which need to be made. After that you should be in and playing and having fun!

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