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The Heroes of Everlaen (AKA: The PCs)

  • Alexis, an educated half orc.
  • Andril, a civilised wild elf.
  • Aoife, a wild girl in a white dress.
  • Bob, an archer with a catty wife.
  • Coren, an elf who is always right; just ask him.
  • Deityr, a mixed up half elf.
  • Hanner, a man of mud.
  • Jafton, a bounty hunter developing a conscience.
  • Kip, a demon trapped in a halfling's body.
  • Kratos, an uneducated half orc.
  • Miriel, a pacifistic follower of a wild god.
  • Silri, a pole dancing elf.
  • Silver, the greatest bard in all the Realms.
  • Thalon, a woodsy archer.

The Supporting Cast (AKA: The NPCs)

|- | These characters are the main companions which feature in the Everlaen story. For a list of minor characters see the NPCs page.

  • Ahput-Ki, a follower of the god of death and lawyers.
  • Annuk'Nuffy, the sphinxian wife of Bob.
  • Index, a cross-dressing librarian
  • Kaishya, a woman with a long cloak.
  • Kurgeon, a barbarian diplomat.
  • Quillcrease, Silver's hapless assistant.
  • Selenne, an elven princess.
  • Sephandim, a racial supremicist.
  • Sila, a meglomaniac.
  • Sircar, an armsman.



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