Born Coranthalis of the prominant Sun elf noble family Durothil in Evereska, and trained to be one of the elite Elven Bladesingers, he turned his back on his kind over conflicting views (and probably egos). In the human lands he took the name Coren, earning the name Bloodsinger by Dwarves in mines north of Luskan in the Spine of the World. He adventured across the Savage Frontier and the Sword Coast for close to fifty years, hunting pirates, serving a northern church, and fighting orcs, till a harrowing encounter in the ruins of Ascore which destroyed the Wyvernslayers adventuring party. Ten years later he has appeared in the High Forest after rejoining another elven adventuring party that were wiped out by an orc tribe.

Over six foot tall with a muscular build, he keeps his long red gold hair in a top knot, hanging over back past shoulders, bound at the end with a silver ring, a single strip of blood red runs from the centre line of his forehead back. This strip used to be white, but since the incident in Karse where he died and was brought back by Sephandum's actions. Also changed by his resurrection, his heavy tan has paled, his dark eyes have become spheres of pure black, and worse, occasional dribbles of blackened blood drips down his forehead.

He wears light armour since loosing his chain to rust and mistreatment, and carries a mithral longsword of elven make, and a human made rifle, an arquebus, but has failed to aquire more ammunition.

After the incident at Karse, he has taken to calling himself Coranthalis again but not his family name of Durothil, refering to himself as a 'Blood Elf' not a Sun elf.


Aoife: "I wasn't terribly keen on that weapon of his - loud, awful odour that lingers and is as kind to the nose as the smell of burnt hair. He should get himself a shiny wand like this..." *grins happily waving wand 'o' spitting savage-green-burning-goo that burns-big-holes-in-yer-chest-but-leaves-yer-herbaceous-borders-alone*

Kip Planeswalker: Can't say that I like him. About the only interesting thing about him is the thunderstick that he carries. I think he tried to spice up his look by changing his hair and eyes, but - in addition to being disgusting - it did little to divert attention from his 'sparkling' personality.

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