Aaaaaaargh... It's a monster! What the hell is a ... anyway?

  • Monster: This is dangerous, do not approach.
  • Walrusman: They're big, fat, smell horrible, and the taste, well I'm sure you can imagine it not a very good diet ~Bob
  • Giant Beetles: The Dire Wood, famous for producing particularly large fauna, has spawned these insects which are so large that were one to stumble and fall on you, it would surely crush you to death - not that that is likely to happen... it is far more likely to gore you, or kill you with its mandibles first.
  • Stone bears: Live in rock, and apparently fairly aggressive. Rather impervious to most forms of insistent physical dissuasion due to being made of the same substance they lair within. Avoid.
  • Cup: This canny little entity posed as the receptacle of many of Andril's liquid refreshments while no doubt plotting and scheming against him and his fellow travellers. It mysteriously disappeared during the Dire Wood trip to pursue dark ends of its own. Andril was sufficiently relieved that it had not fallen victim to daemonic foliage, that it managed to ingratiate itself back into the presence of its master without drawing any questions about its recent wanderings.
  • Caoimhe: A wolf. She keeps the company of the Druidess Aoife, and they can often be found running through the woods together, hunting those who harm the forest, and travelling amongst the temporary settlements of various native inhabitants. Caoimhe's list of dislikes include "Dark holes that radiate aberrant magics", "Giant Beetles" (their flesh actually tastes quite foul), and "Wizard's weather".

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