Deityr is 6’2 with an average build. His dark green hair is long down to his shoulders but is tied back. His bright green eyes are the most noticeable feature of his handsome face. He also sports a well-kept beard. He chooses to wear comfortable clothing rather than traditional robes. He is usually seen wearing a green tunic with leather trousers and nice pair of comfortable leather boots. First impressions make him seem like a warrior without the armour.


Aoife: "We got off to a bit of a bad start. After his relatives tortured me, and put me under his charge on a suicide mission in which he made dubious decisions, such as the frontal charge on a defended position on the far side of thin narrow stone arch over a nigh bottomless chasm, I really can't say he was at all endearing. However, as the day wore on, my impression of him improved somewhat, in the same way that you really can get used to eating maggoty meat."

Kip Planeswalker: Another one of them blasted, confused half-elves... I'm glad to be rid of him.

Andril Forlorn: An elf of noble spirit, if perhaps a little self-absorbed. To be fair, this tends to be the way of wizards. One of the more pleasant travelling companions, that's a certainty.

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