Somewhere in the close vicinity of the Lost Peaks, to the south by popular rumour, is a community of drow. Dwelling on the surface, sheltered from the sunlight by the dense and inpenetrable canopy of the ancient High Forest living in cave entrances these drow find the surface a far less harsh place to be than most who venture up. Very little information about this group exists however as most who venture into their territory seem not to return. The most reliable information comes from the korred of the area who clashed with them initially when they appeared a number of years ago, but now report that the drow seem to avoid forays into korred territory and the korred reciprocate, mindful of the heavy losses their people incurred. So an uneasy truce exists between the two groups, which seems founded in a strong urge to ignore the other. What exactly the drow are doing on the surface is somewhat a mystery however as there is little to raid in the vicinity. Rumours tell of a massive city beneath the High Forest, of which this is merely a border post and area where the drow can gain access to rare surface goods such as wood or strange animals such as deer. Others say there is a more sinister purpose and the area is a training camp for drow acclimitising themselves to surface conditions such as light and rain, in preparation for a major assualt elsewhere. Other more bizarre rumours say that these are outcasts from below worshipping a forbidden deity and seeking to return to the life their ancestors were banished from so many millenia ago and others say that the drow in fact have come from another world, one on which they live openly on the surface. Whatever is the case, few want to venture close enough to find out.

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