The last great elven nation on Faerun. It lies in a mountain valley bordering the great desert of Anauroch. It`s name means Fortress Home is elven and it has never fallen in battle, said to be protected by the hand of Corellon himself. Only those of the elven blood or elf friends are allowed to enter.


The Vale of Evereska is located high amidst the Shaeradim, a small mountain range on the western edge of Anauroch, due north of the Battle of Bones. Humans sometimes employ the nomenclature Graycloak Hills for the mountains surrounding Evereska , but that is more properly applied to the next set of hills to the north, also known as the Tomb Hills. This verdant valley and walled city of the elves is the greatest known concentration of moon elven Fair Folk remaining in Faerûn—beautiful, cultured place of beauty where few are welcome.




Evereska is ruled by the Hill Council, composed of twelve Hill Elders and the Watcher Over the Hills, Lord Erlan Duirsar, leader of the Hill Council.

  • Lord Erlan Duirsar, Watcher Over the Hills. Teu'Tel'Quess. Moderate.
  • Lady Rhumliatheria Ammath, Hill Elder. Teu'Tel'Quess Isolationist.
  • Lord Daekanrath Durothil, Hill Elder. Ar'Tel'Quess. The Durothil clan have sat on the Hill Council since its inception, back in the mists of time. Isolationist.
  • Lady Anela Echnorn, Hill Elder. Ar'Tel'Quess. The Echnorn clan have sat on the Hill Council since its inception, back in the mists of time. Isolationist.
  • Lady Selya Hawksong, Hill Elder. Teu'Tel'Quess Expansionist.
  • Lord Zywin Ildecar, Hill Elder. Teu'Tel'Quess. Zywin is the second of his line to sit on the council, but for the first time in almost two millennia. Expansionist
  • Lord Calahel Nlossae, Hill Elder. Ar'Tel'Quess. The Nlossae clan have sat on the Council numerous times throughout its history, though Calahel is the first of his line to sit for more than two thousand years. Moderate
  • Lord Shair Renenynvia, Hill Elder. Ar'Tel'Quess Moderate.
  • Lord Lohrderon Starhome, Hill Elder. Teu'Tel'Quess. The third of his clan to sit on the Council, though not in unbroken line. Moderate
  • Lord Anietki Starym, Hill Elder. Ar'Tel'Quess. The Starym clan have had a seat on the Hill Council for more than a millennia and have often sat throughout its history. Isolationist.
  • Lady Theraera Zytenama, Hill Elder. Ar'Tel'Quess. Thereara is the first of her line to acheive a seat on the Council. Moderate.

The current politics of the Hill Council, and indeed all of Evereska, can roughly be divided into three categories. Isolationist, Expansionist and Moderate. However, factions exist within these rough groupings, based on methods, goals and varying degrees of adherance to their polticial beliefs.

The Isolationists

Simply put, the Isolationists wish that Evereska was as unknown to the world at large as it was a thousand years ago. Some think that the current policy of admitance is not strong enough and no humans at all should be permited to enter the vale, or half elves for that matter. In fact, some extremists would deny access to Evereska to even other elves from outside communities which have been tainted by undesirable influences. Even the most mild of the Isolationists, who are content with the status-quo, are opposed to any further opening of Evereska. Evereska's near ten millennia history of solitude and security gives this group the weight of history and tradition behind them, and if there is one thing which elves tend to respect, it is tradition.

Currently there are four Isonalationists on the Council, mostly represented by the oldest and more hidebound clans.

The Expansionists

The Expansionists are the smallest of the political groups, but almost as vocal in their views as the Isolationists. They are often the least conservative and their following has grown considerably since the Fall of Myth Drannor. While usually being forced to follow the more prevailing politics, they have been responsible for several major changes in Evereskan society in recent years - including greater access for N'Tel'Quess to the vale, links with Silverymoon, the advance into Greycloak Hills and the formation of a number of groups charged with locating and retreiving elven artifacts which have fallen into the wrong hands. It is no surprise that the greatest following of this group comes from the youth, and even less that their elders wait for the young to grow up a little and develope into more mature views.

Currently there are only two Hill Elders who fall into the Expansionist camp. However, a number of the more progressive Moderates support them from time to time and it is in this way that the recent reforms were actually accomplished - though these seem minor things in the view of the Expansionists.

The Moderates

Sitting in the middle ground between the Isolationists and the Expansionists and being the largest of the political groups, one would at first think that the Moderates hold the reigns of power clearly. However, things are not so clear. Many of the Moderates actually identify with one of the other groups more and often lean against them when they feel the status-quo will be damaged, but then withdraw their support if it looks as if too much power would slip to either group. Some embrace interesting mixes of the two group's politics, while others are simply ambivilant or allow personal interest and ambition to dictate their politics. As such, many of the Moderates find themselves working at odds with eachother frequently and this allows the other more single minded groups to have their say surprisingly often.

Currently the Moderates are represented by four Hill Elders on the Council and the Watcher over the Hills.


The isolated nature of Evereska's past, historically even being cut off from other elven nations at one point, has lead to a somewhat different cultural bias than in other place. The society has become very inward looking and as such, the forms of things are very important.

Clothing and Fashion

Amongst the upper classes, the style is baroque and extravagant. Women tend to wear increasingly wide and impractical skirts with tight and close fitting tops and wear their hair in elaborate fashions. Men in contrast often wear tight leggings, while sporting baggy and loose fitting tops. Both male and female clothing styles are richly decorated and embroidered, often with metalic threads, gemstones, ornementation or even magic in some cases.

Sometimes these are combined with an over-robe, which are usually worn open, much like a coat. These are usually additional marks of status or rank, either within the noble clan, or of personal power in the case of wizards.

Both men and women have adopted the fashion of long trailing sleeves, or matarial tied around their wrists. This is an extension of a fashion which has become extreme over the centuries as is more so currently than ever before, with some sporting sleeves which trail on the ground yard behind them as they walk. These trailing decorations have also become part of complicated and formal dances where the partners will hold eachother by the sleeves, rather than the hands or arms.

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