Public Knowledge

Ignored by most and disliked by more than a few, the half elves of the High Forest are a mixed bunch. Blending bloodlines from the last survivors of fallen Earlann, the wild elf tribes and even drow along with humans from Netheril or more modern settlements. Too small in numbers and too diverse in motivations and background the half-elves have hardly been a cause for concern or interest, living mostly in the areas of the forest others would not. Until recently the main mention of these renegades was mostly in context with bandits, robbing those who were unwary or too weak and strayed too close to their lands. Recently however rumours of a strong leader who has been uniting the renegades has crept out. This individual is reputed to be a Princess of more than a little drow decent and has succeeded in amassing a much larger and more organised group of followers than has been seen before from these troubled individuals. Tales of organised banditry extending well beyond the forest`s border and raiding parties into human lands have surfaced with some regularity. Others tales speak of the Princess` devotion to a terrible and long dead god and her establishment of a cult to bring him back to power. Still others claim that she is the last heir to Earlann and though possessing debased blood is seeking to create some mirror of her ancestors` former glory. Whatever the truth, the half-elves remain largely unorganised and disparate, their aims vague and minor - at least to outside world.

Player Knowledge

Preferably, I'd like one or more players to fill this in.

Kip Planeswalker - I was just walking along, minding my own business... sure, the walking was more like running and the minding my own business was more like me protesting to the demon who chased me that the dagger I held I found (like that smelly demon would ever own something so nice... despite it being wicked-looking)... when all of a sudden I wasn't there anymore! No hot, hard stone. No fire everywhere you looked. No smelly demons chasing innocent halflings. Instead, there were three haughty looking elves staring down at me - calling me a great and powerful demon. The first was a weasly little coward barely worthy of notice - and only noticed for his constant interruptions with stupid remarks and questions. The second was a tall, broad-shouldered elf with a remarkably beautiful sword - not a coward but easily as sly and sneaky as the first if not more so. He later proved that he was indeed sly and sneaky when he turned on his companions (not surprising me!) and helped us (though I know that had I not rid myself of him, would likely have done the same with me)! And the last was the vile Princess Titania (though she didn't have the common decency to introduce herself then!), beautiful but for the nagging lack of personality. She had her hopes on becoming a god by sacrificing some genasi, but apparently she didn't realize that gods are just powerful wizards who carved themselves a place on the planes to lord over and demand tribute from weaker creatures... but I digress. Needless to say, drinking genasi blood leaves nothing but a bad taste in your mouth... or, in her case, NOT drinking genasi blood left her very dead. But it seemed to help Coren out, though I can't say that it was much of an improvement (dead Coren was far more interesting). All-in-all... Hanner and Akput-Ki were saved, a couple of the rescuers died (including the girl with the big sword, which I think was Hanner's girlfriend), and the half-elves were either freed, punished, killed, or otherwise taken care of. I'm just glad to be rid of them, for they were a stodgy, depressing lot. While they go do what they do in their little forest, I'm off to Loudwater for a warm bed!

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