The most prominent of the races of mixed heritage, half elves can be found throughout Faerun, but have few lands to call their own. They feel at home both in the sprawling human empires and the secretive elven retreats, standing between elf and human culture but truly belonging to neither. They are a handsome and even-tempered race who handle the challenges of their mixed heritage with grace and reserve.

There are three major subraces of half elves in Faerun: common half elves, half drow, and half aquatic elves. The common half elves are those whose elven parents hail from moon elf, gold elf, and wild elf peoples. When someone refers to a half elf, they are almost certainly referring to a half elf of this descent. The half drow have drow blood in their veins, and are extremely rare except in the most southerly lands of Faerun. Finally, the half aquatic elves can be found in small numbers along any of Faerun’s coastlines, caught between human and their sea elf heritages.

No true half elven realms exist in Faerun, but half elves are far more prevalent in some lands than in others. In the Unapproachable East, in the Yuirwood of distant Aglarond, a culture of common half elves descended from wild elves, moon elves, and Damaran human settlers thrives beneath the Yuirwood’s green boughs. In isolated Dambrath in the south, half drow rule over their human neighbours. Half elves are also common in places where humans and elves have lived alongside each other peacefully, such as the domain of Silverymoon in the North or some of the southerly Dales.

Half elves have at least one elven parent or grandparent, or two half elven parents. Unless a half elven line marries into other elven or half elven families, their elf characteristics fade in a generation or two. On occasion elven traits can reappear in otherwise human children born several generations later, but half elves of such remote descent are very rare.

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