Stocky , 5'10", 18 stone - most of it muscle; pale blue eyes, dark short-cropped hair, pale but weatherbeaten skin, rather coarse features; conspicuously enormous hands and feet; sweat glands produce mud - a bit messy but it soon dries, and at least BO is not a problem.


Aoife: "He fought well in the temple. I haven't seen his kind before, but I would like to know more about him. Any people who sweat mud must be closer to the land than we elves."

Kip Planeswalker: The big lummox needs me to be watching after him, that's a fact. First tries to go and get himself sacrificed... then gets himself hopelessly lost... then finds himself on the wrong side of Coren's thunderstick... and now he's consorting with two ugly half-orcs rather than the beautiful elven dancer... the poor guy doesn't know which way is up or down - despite him being mostly made of the stuff that is down.

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