Kerkstra is a Bloodhawk, a priest in the service of Solonor Thelandira. He was one of the original colonists who were moved by Selenne and Mydran's plea for those to start a new elven settlement and try to reverse the trend for Retreat. However, since this time, being the only priest in the village and in his role representing the whole of the Seldarine he has become much more tradition bound in his outlook - perhaps due to the influence of his good friend, Mydran Silverglade.

Kerkstra found the duties of sole representative of the Seldarine within Everlaen somewhat overwhelming and though this role has placed him on the council, he was glad of the arrival of Per to provide a fellow priest to discuss things with. He has attempted to represent and honour all of the elven gods, but quite naturally has given focus to his own deity. In this he has been scrupulous and organises celebrations on the other gods' most holy days, speaks for them and the Seldarine as a whole when he can and gives advise and succour to those worshippers without a priest.

Perhaps due to Solonor's aspect as a god of hunting and archery, a ranger and a forest warrior, the Archer has been accepted by more than half of population of Everlaen as their patron. Kerkstra is pleased with this, but worries slightly that he not representing the other gods' claims, though this attitude has probably won him as many followers as anything else. Lately though, he has become worried about Tanith's conversion to Shiallia and her activities, which seem to have won some sway with many of those who would be mothers. Shiallia is an ally of the Seldarin, but not an elven god herself, and Kerkstra worries about the spiritual state of the village.

Kerkstra is currently involved in a project to construct a shrine to Solonor to serve as a focus for the villagers' faith.

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