Kip 'Planeswalker' (self-dubbed for his adventures with the yet-to-be-named female sorceress that he previously served) is a young, curious Strongheart halfling with a penchant for trouble. Standing at a full 2 feet, 10 and a half inches tall, Kip relies on his size - as well as his supernatural jumping ability and his strange ability to climb walls and ceilings without handholds - to keep him out of the deadly kind of trouble. A kleptomanic by nature but a softy at heart, the spiky black-haired halfling can usually worm his way out of any trouble he finds himself in. And what trouble he finds himself in - usually as much by his curiousity and imagination as by his inability to discern true ownership. To the casual observer, Kip is dressed simply but elegantly. Dressed mostly in black - from the black slippers on his feet to the black gloves on his hands, the only contrasting colors on him is his pale skin, his white puffy-shirt, and the various colors of his dagger hilts. And are there daggers! More numerous to count - for the halfling hardly stays in one place enough to do so - Kip has the tiny weapons stashed all about his small body. Whether they be sheathed in the bandoleer crossing his chest, on his belt, in sheaths strapped to his shins, thighs, biceps, or forearms, or spinning in his hands, Kip makes no secret about his weapon of choice!

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