Random words and terms used in the Everlaen game, that are insufficiently explained elsewhere.

  • Arc: A sub-story of Everlaen which is based around a certain group of characters with some kind of goal or aim. An arc will contain multiple threads.

  • Experience: A nebulous concept at best; the promise that the GM will reward you for your efforts by assigning your character with points that will eventually amount to a new level.
It is similar in function to schemes run by shops wherein sufficient purchases could conceivably earn you enough points to obtain a free dream holiday, whereas in reality, you know you will end up with that cheap single-slice toaster.
The secretive nature of experience awards draws parallels with religion, in that it requires the dual beliefs that 1) The GM actually exists, and 2) That they really do reward you for the positive efforts you make in the world they run.

  • Retreat, the: The name given to the elven policy of withdrawl from the lands of Faerun, starting with Illefarn and rising to a head with the fall of Myth Drannor which itself provided the catalyst of the more recent Retreat of the Elven Court.
  • Ride: A period of ten days. Three rides make up one month. Thirty six make up one year.

  • Thread: A scene or set of scenes tied to together by some clear and common element. A thread could last for a matter of a few minutes for something like a battlescene, or days for something as low activity as uneventful travel. See Arc.
  • Treasure: See Experience.

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