A list of places of note in the Everlaen game.

  • Abeir Toril Elven: Cradle of Life. The name for the world which makes up the Realms. Often abbreviated to simply `Toril`.
  • Anauroch The Great Desert. A massive area extending for thousands of miles, another natural division between Eastern and Western Faerun.
  • Chondalwood A large forest lieing to the south-east of the Sea of Fallen Stars. It has a wild reputation, despite the fact it has been surrounded by human kingdoms for millennia and it`s borders logged extensively for the valuable cedar trees which predominate in the area.
  • Chult A jungle land to the far south, only known through legends and hearsay.
  • Cormanthor The elven name for the expanse of woodlands which lies to the north-west of the Sea of Fallen Stars and south-east of Anauroch and encompasses the Dalelands. Home to the ruin of Myth Drannor and the more recently abandoned settlements of the Elven Court and Semberholme, it still is the site of Tangletrees, last settlement in the area.
  • Delimbiyr, River This river finds its source in the Talons, a trio of tributaries springing from the Nether Mountains. It is joining by the Heart Blood River, the River Grayflow, the Hark River, the Unicorn Run and flows out to the Sea of Swords. For most of its route, it flanks the eastern and southern borders of the High Forest. Also known as the River Shining.
  • Delimbiyr Vale This is the area used to refer to the upper reaches of the River Delimbiyr and its tributaries. the vale reaches from the westernmost reaches of the South Wood up the river valley to its headwaters in the Nether Mountains. The High Forest is not considered part of the Vale.
  • Dire Wood Area of the High Forest, found in the eastern reaches of the forest, through which flows the Heartblood River flows. While flowing through this area the river takes on a reddish caste resembling blood and the wood is filled with blackened trees which bleed. A ruined city is said to lie in the centre of the wood which is filled with evil and dangerous monsters.
  • Earlaen A now vanished elven kingdom, primarily consisting of moon elves, which lay within the North and Eastern reaches of the High Forest. Now vanished for over a millennia ruins still litter the forest, the most famous of which is the Old Road.
  • Evereska The last great elven nation on Faerun. It lies in a mountain valley bordering the great desert of Anauroch. It`s name means Fortress Home is elven and it has never fallen in battle, said to be protected by the hand of Corellon himself. Only those of the elven blood or elf friends are allowed to enter.
  • Everlaen A small village nestled along the northern slopes of the Star Mounts, within the High Forest.
  • Evermeet Meaning Island Home in elven, this is last home of the elves. An island, far off the shores of Toril somewhere to the west, unvisited by any save pure elves, this is the place all elves retreat to. Governed by a moon elf queen and open to all elven people`s save the drow, Evermeet is where the elves greatest magics and most precious treasures are said to lie.
  • Faerun One of the continents of Toril, which makes up the Realms. The setting for this story.
  • Grandfather Tree The massive oak which lies to the north east of the Lost Peaks which serves as the ancestral mound of the Treeghost Tribe.
  • Hellgate Keep Recently destroyed, this fortress has for centuries been a den of evil and the seat of devils. Originally built by the elves of Earlaen, it later housed refugees from Netheril. In time evil found it`s way in and soon the whole place became a place totally avoided and blight on the area for hundreds of miles around. With it`s recent destruction the trees have moved back in to claim their own and the area is considered safer, if not actually free of peril.
  • High Forest The largest forest in the North at nealry 200 miles in diameter, indeed in most of the Realms, rivalled only by Cormanthor, Chult and Amtar. Largely uninhabited by `civilised` folk it is home to a wide variety of folk of both good and evil intentions. An ancient brooding forest, it has survived millennia and at least three different elven kingdoms rise and fall within it`s borders. The only two real navigable paths into it`s interior are the Old Road and the Unicorn`s Run. Otherwise it`s inpenetrable borders make exploration difficult and it`s often hostile denizens and fell magic put off those of faint heart.
  • Lost Peaks A small collection of low mountains in the North Western reaches of the High Forest. Home to the largest concentration of korred in the forest as well a settlement of drow.
  • Loudwater A town which lies along the River Delimbiyr, most notable for its extensive half elven population and its harmonious natural layout. In recent years it has grown greatly as it has become of increasing importance to trade as increasing merchant caravans have come out of the east from across Anauroch.
  • Mhillamniir Ancient ruined city, lost somewhere in the High Forest. Once a holy city of the long since fallen elven kingdom of Earlann.
  • Mulharond A land in the far South, on the other side of the Sea of Fallen Stars. A reclusive but ancient human nation, worshipping living gods, practising strange forms of magic and sequestering itself from the outside world as much as possible. The capital of Mulharond is Skuld, the City of Shadows.
  • Myth Drannor The now ruined elven metropolis is now inhabited by dangerous monsters. Most blame the downfall on the fact that it became open to all races (due to the influence of some powerful elves and Elminster as one story goes). Also known as the City of Love and the City of Song.
  • Netheril A ancient fallen kingdom which is said to have been where the Great Desert Anauroch now lies. This nation of human mages fell over a thousand years ago, yet still the talk of their magic and the wonders that were commonplace in their flying cities is unrivaled.
  • North, the Used to describe the geographical area which lies from Waterdeep, North and East to Anauroch. Mostly taken up by the massive and largely uncharted expanse of the High Forest.
  • Old Road An ancient road, left over from the days of Earlaen which lead from a river port town to the interior. Now in poor condition it fades about 90 miles into the forest.
  • Sea of Fallen Stars Also known as the Inner Sea, a great body of water seperating the Western Realms from the East and to a great extent the North from the South.
  • Sisters, the The name given to area of land directly South of the Star Mounts. A rugged area of vales, cliffs and dells it is lightly forested and one of the most beautiful areas in the Realms. As well as being the source of the Unicorn`s Run, it is also notable as a holy area for at least three seperate faiths and is a druidic centre.
  • Star Mounts The group of mountains which lie in the centre of the High Forest. So named because of their original elven names based on stars in the night sky.
  • Sword Coast The popular name for the coastal strip which forms the western border of the continent of Faerun, running from Calimshan to the frozen north, but more commonly used to refer to the central area which runs from Waterdeep to Amn.
  • Toril See Abeir Toril.
  • Trackless Sea The name given northern area of the ocean which lies to the west of the continent of Faerun.
  • Tuern A volcanic island nearly a thousand miles east off the Sword Coast somewhere in the Trackless Sea. Notable mostly for it`s volcanic activity and it`s dangerous population of red dragons, fire giants and Northmen.
  • Unicorn`s Run The river which runs from the Star Peaks, South through the Sisters and to the join the River Delimbiyr. So called due to the high number of unicorns found in this area.
  • Waterdeep The City of Splendors, possibly the greatest, if not the largest, in the Realms. It lies on the Sword Coast close to the ends of both the rivers Delimbiyr and Dessarin. A natural harbour and it`s location as the `gateway` to the North make it a natural trading city and a wealthy one. Also noted for it`s peculiar system of government consisting of a council of secret lords, unknown to the general populace.
  • Woods of Turlang The northern area of the High Forest most under control of the treants of Turlang.

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