Blonde hair, dark eyes with silver flecks.


Aoife: "Another druid and devout follower of Rillifane Rallathil - she largely foreswore the many gifts of Rillifane in order to perpetually heal those around her. Personally, I would have stuck to the Lord's teachings and let that blasted barbarian die with the rest of the weak, but evidently he served our Lord's needs in getting his humble servant to the places she needs to be intact. She needs to show more strength though, lest she attract predators at the next Great Hunt."

Kip Planeswalker: A lovely and kind woman, but suffers from the plague of the elves: seriousness. Smiles from her were few and far between, and often with a hint of sadness.

Andril Forlorn: A true elf maid if ever there was one. Ever watching and sensitive to the needs of others. I was going to propose to her but Cup said it was a ridiculous idea and she could do better. Not having a house was also a factor.

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