The most common of the elven subrace on Faerun are the moon elves. They have pale white, almost translucent skin, tinged with blue, and hair of silver-white, black, or blue. Their eyes are blue or green, with silver flecks.

Moon elves prefer to dress in rustic clothes of simple cuts and fashions that are nevertheless fine and exquisite make. They adorn their dress with embroidered patterns, beads, and similar trappings, preferring earthen colours for everyday wear, hues that make it easy to conceal themselves in foliage. In places of safety or in times of revelry, moon elves enjoy dressing in bold colours- the brightly coloured the better. Hair is worn in braids or ponytails, twined with wires or beads. Moon elves sometimes wear body paint or tattoos in mystic patterns, although not to extent the wild elves do.

Moon elves are more impulsive than the other elves, and dislike remaining in one place for any significant amount of time. Most moon elves are happiest when travelling, especially across the expanses of untrodden wilderness that still survive in Faerun. This is probably the single greatest reason why they are so much more friendly and accommodating to other races than many other elves.

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