Noh Lord

Hit Dice:d10.


To qualify to become a Noh Lord, a character must fulfil the following criteria.

Alignment: A Noh Lord must be either Lawful Neutral, True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral in alignment. In their goal of self perfection, ethics play no part. If a Noh Lord ever becomes either good or evil, their lack of balance results in the loss of Noh Lore paths at a rate of one per week, determined randomly, until their alignment is once more neutral. Regaining lost Noh Lore paths is a difficult process and usually requires some kind of personal quest of discovery. A Noh Lore path lost in this way may be regained without a tutor.
Base Attack: +7
Feats: Alertness, Endurance, Iron Will
Skills: Concentration 4 ranks, Knowledge(Nature) 8 ranks, Wilderness Lore 8 ranks.
Special: To become a Noh Lord, a character must be trained by an existing Noh Lord of at least 1st level. For each further level, the character must receive the appropriate training from a fellow Noh Lord who is at least one level higher than them. A Noh Lord may only choose from the Noh Lore list which their trainer also possesses.

Class Skills

A Noh Lord has no class skills. As their knowledge of Noh Lore progresses, they may add certain proficiencies as class skills.

Skill Points at Each Level: 0 + Int modifier.

Class Features

All of the following are features of the Noh Lord prestige class.

Weapons and Armour Proficiency:

No Lords gain no proficiency in any weapon or armour.

Noh Lore:

At each level of Noh Lord gained, the Noh Lord can select one additional Noh Lore, providing that their tutor also possesses this Noh Lore. It is impossible for a Noh Lord to unlock the inner potential of a student in an area they themselves have not explored. It is also likewise impossible for a Noh Lord to unlock their own potential, unassisted. It for this reason that a Noh Lord must have a tutor of higher level to train them. The list of ten Noh Lores are as follows:

The Path of the Beast:
Animal Empathy Proficiency:
Ride Proficiency:
Speak with Animals:
The Path of the Blade:
The Path of Divining:
Sense Motive Proficiency:
Detect Magic(Sp):

At 5th level, a Noh Lord

Visions of the Past(Sp):

At 7th level, a Noh Lord

Spirit Walking:

At 8th level, a Noh Lord

The Path of Healing:
Heal Proficiency:
Profession(Herbalist) Proficiency:
Fast Healing:
Cure Blindness/Disease(Sp):
Delay Poison(Sp):

At 4th level, a Noh Lord

Neutralize Poison(Sp):

At 7th level, a Noh Lord

Last Resort(Sp):

At 9th level, a Noh Lord

The Path of Hunting:
Wilderness Lore Proficiency:
Spot Proficiency:
Listen Proficiency:
The Path of Invisibility:
Disguise Proficiency:
Bluff Proficiency:
Hide Proficiency:
Move Silently Proficiency:
The Path of the Nexus:
The Path of the Path:
Tracking Feat:
Search Proficiency:
Decipher Script:
The Path of the Will Within:
The Path of the Will Without:

The Noh Lord
Class LevelBase Attack BonusFort SaveRef SaveWill SaveSpecial
1st+1+2+0+0Noh Lore
2nd+2+3+0+0Noh Lore
3rd+3+3+1+1Noh Lore
4th+4+4+1+1Noh Lore
5th+5+4+1+1Noh Lore
6th+6+5+2+2Noh Lore
7th+7+5+2+2Noh Lore
8th+8+6+2+2Noh Lore
9th+9+6+3+3Noh Lore
10th+10+7+3+3Noh Lore
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