Rarely encountered by the landbound races, the sea elves - also known as aquatic elves or Aq'Tel'Quessir - are a civilized and good-hearted people who inhabit the seas surrounding Faerun. Most sea elves hail from underwater cities in the Sea of Fallen Stars or in the Great Sea south of Faerun, but small settlements of this race can be found in the seas along Faerun's western coasts as well.

The sea elves are tall, standing 6 feet or more in height. They have long limbs with strong swimming muscles, and their fingers and toes are long with thick webbing. Their most striking features are set of gills along the collarbone and ribcage. Sea elves are nowhere near as thin as their landbound cousins, and their hair is usually stringy and thick, cut short for warriors but otherwise worn long. Aq'Tel'Quessir from the oceans have radiant skin of deep green with irregular thin brown stripes and patches. Those from the Inner Sea have skin in many shades of blue with white patches and stripes. Eye colours come in all shades known to their land cousins, but usually have blue flecks, regardless of hue. Their clothing is made of various undersea plants in shades of green, black, and brown, although aquatic elves usually go about lightly clad, if dressed at all, while underwater.

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