The exotic Silri is a Sun Elf of extraordinary beauty. Though often clad in covering silks, especially on the road, her storytelling and dancing skills merge into an art form that can tell any event and display any emotion. At only 5’6” and of slight, yet feminine build, she has a demure, peaceful personality and highly values loyalty. She keeps her gold streaked dark hair, straight shimmering curtains reaching down her back when unbound, a long tight braid when travelling. Her skin has a rich pearlescent glow to its bronze tan, her large eyes of richest green. When the situation calls for it, she has a whip handy, and a rapier, both reliant more on her grace than her muscles.

Seeks lost ancestrial homelands in the high forest, but happy to explore human civilisations while the opportunity presents itself.


Kip Planeswalker: Wow.

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