Whilst Everlaen is a single story based around the village by the same name and this story is that of Everlaen, the Doors and the ongoing quest to establish eight sister colonies across Faerun, moreover it is the story of those characters based around these events. Their stories are recorded here.

The stories focus on a varied group of characters who adventures interweave in wide arcs and are detailed in smaller and linked threads. From time to time, the arcs themselves intersect and characters move from one arc to another, while at others they will split or die as the characters' stories are traced.

Tales Around the Campfire

These are the current stories which are run and have been created on the wiki.

Please note: Threads are listed from newest to oldest

The Everlaen Arc

The Archives

These are older threads and arcs which are copies from the Yahoogroups site. In most cases these pages are simply raw copies of original posts which have not been edited or crafted together in any real way.



First Introductions


Main Page

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