Date Uncertain - best estimate, late Ches or early Tarsakh, Year of the Staff


The old Moon Elf threw open the shutters, letting the morning light flood the circular study. His robes fluidly moved itself to his shape pulling the night from its weave. He mumbled a quick incantation and a broom busied itself cleaning the room. The place was a mess; he hadn't tidied up since returning from Millumnier some days ago. Scribbles of maps, scroll cases, jars of spell components, green dragon scales and other monster trophies cluttered the room. `Later' he thought, he liked this time in the morning, the affairs of the day were not to trouble him just yet.

He looked out of the window across the village. He liked the view from the top of his tree tower. The Treeshaper twins had done a good job on his new home and thanks be to Corellon that the settlement could be placed in such a easily defendable spot nestled against the Starpeaks. The other settlements would not be as easy to implement. The scout reports were troubling and much planning would need to be done to expand Elven presence. Where would he get the numbers needed to populate the settlements? He shook his head with worry.

Closer to home patrol reports sighted Orc movements close by and the Woodwife Gretish had informed him of Drow to the Northwest. As he pondered on these thoughts a flash of silver drew his attention to the forest floor, instantly he recognised the source to the metal arc that had changed his life so many years ago. The sun reflected it rays again and the flash made the memories of his past flood to his mind.

How far he had come he thought, from the days of his youth travelling the length and breadth of Faerun. How it was that fate had entangled his life with the gods since the Time of Troubles and how Mystra's weave was the very fabric of his life…

The sudden knock at the door startled him and he laughed at himself `Never mind' he thought `there are more pressing matters at hand'. "Enter." he announced and the door opened to reveal his young apprentice hugging a book signalling the days start.

Mydran Silverglade, Mage, guardian of the key and councillor of Everlaen gathered a selection of tomes to his desk he had much to do….


"Enter," called the voice imperiously and Sila pushed the door open with a little trepidation. She got this every time she went to visit the master. You could never tell when he would spring a surprise test on you or demand a recital of the first runes of magic or something. She supposed it was part of the territory, but he was rather imposing. She clutched her spellbook to herself, finding comfort from its weight and entered the dragon`s lair.

"Good morning, Master," she greeted him. "Shall I continue my lessons from yesterday? I dont think Frelith will be here today - he is still out training with Brinoi".

She saw a quick flicker of some emotion pass across his face at Frelith`s name being mentioned. She wasnt sure if was irritation with his slower pupil or pleasure that he was getting more suitable training from the village`s battlemage. One thing was for sure, she was glad she was the master`s favoured pupil and didnt have to put up with the acerbicness that he heaped upon her fellow studentness from time to time.

Ah well... This was how many days had begun so far and no doubt how they would continue for a long while... Then her attention wandered to the pile of books on the master`s desk and trepidation vanished with a hunger for learning. Sila Cloudrider loved magic above all else.

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