Date Uncertain - best estimate, late Ches or early Tarsakh, Year of the Staff


Aesil woke to the sound of crying. His wife, Tanith, was already moving toward the crib. The lack of sleep he had been experiencing recently in no way diminished his joy though. Elven births were rare enough for most parents to appreciate even the novelty of being woken up through the night - and twins were even more rare. It was a good omen for this year and the life of Everlaen. Silently he thanked the Seldarine for their gift and the forest goddess Shiallia as well.

He was not at all surprised about his wife's sudden commitment to become a priestess and certainly not in her choice of goddess. The Woodwife Gretish, the korred travelling priestess who had blessed them, had interceded with Shiallia to grant them their children and ensure a safe pregnancy. The Woodwife had left the elven community for now, but she would be back again, ministering to her forest children everywhere. In the mean time, Tanith intended to take her duties as an acolyte seriously - and first amongst them was the care of the children of the forest, her own children.

Aesil approved. On the other hand he saw his primary duty at this time as taking care of his wife. With that in mind he wandered off toward the kitchen to prepare tea and breakfast. His cooking was not the best, but it was the least he could do. As he boiled water and hunted around for the herb pots his mind wandered over the day ahead of him. He would go to work in his forge, the centre of the village both physically and socially. People were always dropping by and it was a part of his job as one of the councillors to make himself available to hear their worries and problems as well as their sugestions and plans. It would be nice to be able to do more actual forging though...

That thought made him frown. The village was very poor in the way of minerals or metals. Perhaps the forest gnomes from Sandybank would bring some metals with them next time they passed in trade as they had hinted they may. They had passed this way about a month ago heading South into the mountain and being cagey about where they were going. As far as any patrols had been able to tell the mountains were uninhabited - apart from one run in with a roving band of goblins. In any case, even if they did bring back some, their number were too small to make fulfil the need. His mind wandered back to the werewolf incident last year when silver coins were melted down to create arrow heads and he shook his head at the memory.

Aesil found the herbs for tea and sprinkled some into a cup, adding water. Things would work out - he hoped. In the mean time, he had his family to take care before he could think off the village.

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