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The 4th of Kythorn, Year of the Staff

Trolling for a laugh

Distant thunder boomed overhead while fresh lightning raked the sky. Noticing the others wary glances, Kip turned around in the mud. Suddenly, the foliage shook violently and spat forth a large humanoid shape. It was ten foot tall with greasy black hair that framed bright red eyes; eyes that held them with a feral, cunning glare. Wide bull-like shoulders framed the misshapen head, sillouhetted by a sudden crack of lightning. The long ape-like arms ended in great hands that hung down beside spindly bowed legs. In those great hands gleamed long viscious black talons that opened and closed with anxious, needfull hate. Its mottled rubbery hide was coated with a thick layer of mud, which did little to hide the hard dangerous lines of its massive, knotted thews.

The giant Troll shrugged its massive shoulders and thrust its low slung head forward and howled with savage fury. Immedeately after its challenge, it broke into a dead run straight at them. Caught between the Troll and his companions, Kip could feel the ground shake as the juggernaut barrelled down upon him.

Only her dark exotic eyes above her veil showed Silri's shock at the appearance of the giant green figure, still, she moved fast, firstly stepping behind the her halfling companion, then backing further to get behind the thugs. Drawing her whip from her hip, she eyed doubtfully the tree stump like legs of the beast and much hope of lashing one to trip it up before it reached her with its gangling arms and black claws.

Slapping her weapon against one leg, she flicked the other, the anklet of golden bells, now chiming loudly when normally silent, gave her a light beat as she began to dance, gesturing the warriors to form up for the beasts approach, as her exquisite voice tried to give them confidence and co-ordination.

"The beast will come in slashing,
prepare your blades to guard,
once your past its sickly stench,
you'll find it not so hard.
Then you get in real close,
and rain down on it with blows,
and its blacken bones will show,
you four are true heroes!"

Forging on, her dark eyes rolled as the lesser tongue she was forced to use to communicate with her companions, lost a lot in the translation from pure elven.

Alexis didn’t even pay much attention to the loud mouthed elven woman. He knew what to do in this situation, it was something he had been doing his whole adult life. He squared himself, facing the charging Troll with his giant axe in his hands. His grip turned his knuckles a paler colour.

He smiled and was actually looking forward to getting into a fight; it seemed the human town had given him some pent up aggression. “Come On!” He bellowed.

While Kip didn't share the half-orc's enthusiasm, he was quick to prepare himself to combat the great mottled behemoth. The limber halfling rolled away from the charging giant, drawing one of his many dagger to harrass the juggernaut, moving past Alexis in hopes that his eagerness - and his blade - would provide a suitable distraction to the troll.

Ahput-Ki was rather shocked by the sudden attack of this fell beast, but recovered quickly. He hurried off in the opposite direction to Kip, taking up a flanking position away from the troll. He turned, and with his right hand he unsheathed his saber - a better weapon from horseback, he knew, but he currently was afoot as fate decreed. His left hand crept up to the holy symbol of Osirus around his neck and he called out a Mulharondi blessing, asking for the Judge of the Dead to bolster the forces of rightiousness. It was plan to race in and take the troll later when it engaged the properly armoured warriors - but he would see how the next few vital seconds played out.

"Watch flanks! Make fire!" His eyes flashing with a strange eagerness, Kratos moved up to the fore alongside Kip, opposite Alexis. While he usually faced opponents smaller than himself, Kratos had fought enemies larger than himself before, and he knew his strength would be sorely needed against an angry troll.

Looking to Alexis he said, "We take charge, then cripple it. Must be quick." Snatching his axes from the rings on his belt, he braced himself for the troll's charge.

Silri's eyes burned into the back of Kratos's head, 'Make fire?' she mummbled contemptuously, 'make your own fire.' Her eyes lessoned as worry crept into her rising voice. "Carve it up, then worry about fire. There could be more of them!" she cried.

"I'm pretty sure I saw some fire back at Loudwater," Kip joked as he slid another dagger into his hand, "gimmie a few hours... a day, tops... and I'll be back with some," he chuckled. But his smile was forced, for he knew the myriad of dagger wounds he would soon inflict on the beast, provided his hands quit slipping on the metal, would be healed before blood dripped from them.

"Oh, if only she were here," Kip thought to himself, visions of fluttering robes, intense fire, and greenish-yellow steaming bolts coming to his mind. He softly chanted as he squared himself for another throw, trying to remember the words that his mistress used to use, "Acid-ius quail-ation Melf-in... no, that's not it... Muffin card-iferus burn-arific... nope, apparently not."

The troll roared, stomping through the sloshing mud at the group of adventurers. His red eyes followed what was to be his first victim, the young halfling, as he rolled to his feet and flipped back behind the others. His eyes turned and his gait slowed as the two half-orcs stepped forward, one yelling a challenge.

The troll took the challenge, lunging in with its massive claws, looking to impale the half-orc with it's long, wicked claws. The giant's arms passed around Alexis' vertical chop, doing nothing to arrest the movement of the heavy axe blade. The blade dug deep into the beast's shoulder, breaking its collarbone and a rib before stopping.

Whether the troll noticed or cared for the massive blow Alexis delivered was overshadowed by the malicious gleam in it's eyes as it pulled away one of it's claws, trailing the half-orc's blood. The troll's left arm had glanced off Alexis' armor, but his right bit deep into the half-orc's side, tearing leather, cloth, and flesh alike and exposing Alexis' stark white rib bones to the weather.

Seeing his opening, Kratos leapt in, swinging both of his handaxes. One dug into the troll's side, while the other nearly severed on of the beast's arms at the elbow.

Both half-orcs watched in horror as they yanked their weapons free of the troll's body, for the dark, mud-covered skin began drawing itself back together...

Alexis knew that trolls could heal rapidly but witnessing it firsthand was new, and frustrating. He ignored the wound to his torso it was one of the benefits of battle not feeling the wounds completely until after the encounter. The half-orc knew he couldn’t conjure any fire out of his arse so he had one choice, hack the bastard into a bloody pulp.

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