Tarli was voted to the Council in the first days of the colony. She proved herself to be an able organised and someone with a level head as well as martial skill. What was more surprising as her knowledge of farming and hunting which quickly put her side by side with Tanith in a driving role to provide for the community and to see it to self sufficiency as quickly and efficiently as possible. Tarli is very much concerned with the logistics of the village and quickly organised patrols/hunting parties to make sure the area was secure and bring in a steady supply of food until crops could be established.

She is an athletic looking, chestnut haired moon elf who generally presents a calm, but serious face. In her role as Commander of the Forces of Everlaen she is nominally in charge of all of the military aspects of the village, however she generally turns over issues of magic to Mydran or Brinoi in his absence. In matters relating to the village, Sircar has agreed that the Gateguard is under her authority, while in matters relating to the Circle and to Selenne and Mydran's personal safety he is in command.

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